NIMER 44 provides a unique and particularly diverse portfolio of products.


NIMER 44® one-part silicone elastomers are used in a variety of household appliances. Specialty grades even retain their elasticity for 1000 to 2000 hours at 250 °C and tolerate temperature peaks of up to 300 °C. Their ecological and physiological safety make them suitable for food-contact applications.

Bathroom Toilet


NIMER 44® high-end sanitary joint sealants are developed to function as durable and long-lasting joint sealants that will prevent mould growth in bathrooms and kitchens.


For an air tight seal and connection of these installations and ducting products these need to be hygienic and safe to ensure a healthy climate in the building. Sealants and adhesives for this market segment must be solvent free and free of silicones. NIMER 44® offers a product range that has been specifically developed for these applications and tested according to hygienic regulations for this market.

Air Duct


Nowadays, applications of glass in construction are highly variable. A world without glass as a building material is no longer imaginable.

Aside from windows and doors, glass is also used in bathrooms, kitchens, staircases and even as façade cladding. As glass is widely used, it will often have to be bonded or sealed. NIMER 44® offers a high-performance sealant and adhesive product range for every glass type and application.

Glass Window


NIMER 44® offers excellent 

sealing and adhesive properties, fire resistant (low smoke gas toxicity), have excellent durability, thus providing functional safety for occupant protection. In the engine compartment our products reliably seal under demanding conditions such as high temperatures and constant vibrations.

Whether it is Cured-in-Place-Gaskets (CIPG) or Formed-in-Place-Gaskets (FIPG), NIMER 44® offers a durable RTV silicone rubber that suits the application.

Solar Energy


NIMER 44® solar silicone rubber grades are optimal for bonding solar-cell laminates into an aluminum frame. They also perform outstandingly in applications in which components such as connection boxes need to be fixed to a backing.


  • Adhesion to typical substrates (glass, aluminum, etc.)

  • Long-term resistance to weathering and UV

  • Easy processing


NIMER 44® offers ​​​​a fast cure silicone RTV rubber developed for spray coating applications. THE N44-3000 is a 1-Part silicone that when cured enables sound dampening properties in a fireproof rubber coating.


  • Fireproof

  • Fast room temperature cur

  • Exceptional abrasion resistanc

  • Sprayable

  • Excellent adhesion to metal and

  • composite substrates

Airplane Engine


NIMER 44® offers anti-foulant & rust resistant marine coating solution for ships, docks, piers, tugs, port operations. In ships, it keeps hull and running gear clean while offering enhanced cruising range via reduced build-up on the hull when moving through the water. 


  • Self-priming to marine surfaces

  • Works well on hulls, props, control surfaces and running gear

  • Reduces drag and friction

  • Increases speed, fuel efficiency and cruising range

  • Bio-fouling slides off

  • Essential in warm waters

  • Resists rust

Cargo Ship at Sea