Corporate Social Responsibility is at the heart and soul of Hygitech's NIMER 44®. Our company is dedicated to playing a key role in creating sustainable communities throughout Oman and the region. Training, education and community empowerment is a key focus that we seek to develop. As this is a greenfield project, we aim to find innovative and distinct ways to create sustainable development.


Omanization is a key part of our mission at NIMER 44®. As an Omani brand, it is our responsibility to create attractive employment opportunities for talented Omani nationals in the manufacturing sector and empower them to lead the movement towards self-sufficiency. We ensure their career progression and development, and today 72% of our employees across various departments are Omani nationals.



NIMER 44® is committed to complying with all relevant health, safety and environmental standards, laws and regulations at an international level within the Sultanate and abroad. Our aim is to ensure an accident free work environment by offering optimum working conditions and promoting a positive and safe work culture. We continuously assess and review HSE risks and apply control measures to ensure that risks remain as low as possible. NIMER 44® also strives to minimize any negative impact on the environment by reducing waste, energy consumption, and emissions on land, in the air and in water. NIMER 44® will continue to monitor health, safety and environmental performance by constantly evaluating and developing proactive and reactive indicators.